As a Greenpoint reporter, one of my regular beats can be summed up simply as “smells.” Strong odors aren’t uncommon ‘round these parts, but one recent odor had Greenpoint residents doing a double-take…err…double-sniff.

Last September, locals noticed the presence of a particularly powerful burning smell, largely reported in the more eastern areas of the neighborhood. Assemblymember Emily Gallagher’s office launched an inquiry into the phenomenon, gathering intel from more than 200 neighbors and presenting those findings to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Now, it seems that a Long Island City manufacturer, Green Asphalt, bears responsibility for the noxious smell.

“Last week, those efforts resulted in a Notice issued to Green Asphalt for “violation of New York State Air Pollution Control Law,” Assemblymember Gallagher’s office shared about their efforts to solicit input from neighbors. The Green Asphalt plant sits on Newtown Creek, directly across eastern Greenpoint. 

If you notice the smell flare up again, you’re encouraged to reach out to

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