A couple of weeks ago, Greenpointers investigated a tip about a dog’s death from rat poison in Transmitter Park. We have not been able to confirm this incident, as the New York City Parks Department says they did not receive any reports of this happening.

“When we apply rodenticide at our parks, we bait directly, deep into rat burrows, out of reach of park patrons and dogs,” a Parks source told us. “Staff using rodenticide are trained in its application and we intentionally do not bait at dog runs or playgrounds. Our staff is diligent about baiting deep within burrows and ensuring that rodenticide is well clear of areas frequently used by park patrons when applied.”

The Parks Department said the last time they applied chemical rodenticide in Transmitter Park was early October. 

Friends of Transmitter Park, a non-profit volunteer group, also told Greenpointers that they did not have any information concerning the alleged incident. 

Yesterday, we erroneously shared a story from a local dog community Instagram account. We have since unshared the story. If anyone has any additional information, or wants to make a report about what happened, please share with the city’s Parks Department so other park goers and pets alike can stay safe. You can also email editor@greenpointers.com in order for us to help verify any further tips.


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