A self-described “Hail Mary” effort from a group of locals might actually work.

As of this morning, supporters of Greenpoint’s Park Church Co-op have raised $187,000 in pledged investments, according to the group organizing to save the space, Common Place NYC.

Common Place has partnered with NYC Real Estate Investment Co-Operative [REIC] to allow everyday New Yorkers to be able to pool their money together to eventually purchase the space. Over 100 people have already pledged support, but the group still hopes for further pledges. If their counter-offer is successful, Common Place plans to keep the community spirit of the church alive by turning the space into a multipurpose-use communal space, modeled after similar spaces such as Absalon in Copenhagen.

The effort recently earned the support of Broadway Stages’ Tony Argento. “The need for community space is evermore indispensable as our community grows at a breakneck pace,” he wrote in a letter to the presiding judge, Richard Latin, “To sacrifice so storied, engaged, and tested a venue as the Park Church would be a grave mistake.”

After years of wavering support towards the beloved Greenpoint space, the Metropolitan New York Synod, the church’s larger operating body, announced last year that it would be discontinuing its funding for Park Church and eventually sold it to property developers.


Due to the church’s status as a religious building, the Metropolitan New York Synod’s proposed sale was subject to the approval of the New York State Attorney General. As a result of a recent hearing, the New York State Supreme Court paused the sale of the church, giving supporters time to fashion a counter offer. 

Now it’s only a matter of time before we see if the counter-offer is successful.

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  1. That’s wonderful. I still think the community should get it for the same the church sold it so the Psyop for but I hope the people of Greenpoint can keep it.

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