This weekend, our neighborhood is the hotspot for eclectic autumn events that cater to varied interests. Start your Friday with a mystical and market-centric day out featuring curated, local NY brands—transition into Saturday’s tranquility with light stretching, breath work, and soothing soundscapes. For nature and community lovers, Kingsland Wildflowers presents a dual offering of serene exploration and vibrant volunteer opportunities. And on Sunday, brace yourselves for a pawful of fun at a doggy Halloween Party & Costume Contest, followed by an evening ripe with hearty laughs at “Grandma’s Standup Show”.

Whether shopping, meditating, exploring nature, or seeking a laugh, Greenpoint and Williamsburg are where you’ll want to be.

Friday, October 13

The Wonder Market – A Nook of Wonders in Greenpoint

Journey through the enchanting aisles of “The Wonder Market” on Friday, from 11 AM–6 PM, presented by The WonderMart and The Yard. Designed to dazzle locals and visitors alike, this meticulously curated marketplace showcases the stellar lineup of NY-based brands from the creative minds behind Greenpoint’s charming gift shop, The WonderMart. This is not merely shopping; it’s an event where every stall unfolds a unique story, offering a vibrant array of handmade goods for home and body. Attendees will receive complimentary local bites and beverages and a free tarot reading from Hated Witch Tarot. The organizers welcome you to RSVP via Eventbrite, offering free general admission or a $20 discounted day pass to The Yard (regularly $35), including free entry to The Wonder Market. Tickets are available here.

Saturday, October 14

Find Your Inner Zen With a Sound Bath at Held Space

Join the serene and soulful “October New Moon Sound Bath” event, curated by Veronica Victoria Wellness, on Saturday from 5–6 PM at Held Space. This one-hour experience invites participants to meld mind, body, and sound in a gentle confluence of light stretching, breath work, and a deeply immersive sound bath (with the harmonious tones of crystal bowls, chimes, and other therapeutic instruments). Attendees are beckoned to release, align, and rejuvenate their energies within a communal and ethereal environment. Early arrival and comfortable attire are advised, with further details and contact available through @veronicavictoriawellness.

Tickets are $26 here.


Embrace Autumn Wonder at Kingsland Wildflowers

Join Newtown Creek Alliance at Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roofs, 520 Kingsland Avenue, this Saturday to celebrate nature and community. Choose between a tranquil exploration of the vibrant native plants during Newtown Native Nursery hours or actively participate in the enriching Greenhouse Gang volunteer opportunities—where guidance and supplies for plant care activities are provided. Be sure to register for your preferred experience and complete the necessary forms for volunteering.

Registration is available here.

Sunday, October 15

​​Tricks & Treats: A Spooktacular Event at Boris & Horton

Prepare for a furry and festive escapade this fall with “Tricks & Treats,” the 3rd annual Brussels Griffon Halloween Party & Costume Contest, on Sunday from 6–8 PM at Boris & Horton, located at 510 Driggs Avenue. This two-hour, tail-wagging extravaganza invites all Brussels Griffon enthusiasts to gather for an evening that promises a spellbinding mix of playful tricks, delectable treats, and a costume contest that’s bound to showcase some paw-droppingly adorable ensembles. Your ticket entry supports the space rental, refreshments, decor, prizes, and more, ensuring a good time for all attendees and their four-legged companions.

Tickets are $13 here.

Grandma’s Favorites Bring The Laughs at Silver Light Tavern

Sunday night promises a hearty dose of humor and nostalgia with “Grandma’s Standup Show” at Silver Light Tavern from 8:30–11 PM. This distinctive evening, curated by Ben Siy-Hian, gathers a lineup of comics heralded as grandma’s favorites, ensuring a blend of timeless and perhaps cheeky humor tailored to delight a diverse audience. The roster sparkles with recognized names such as Martin Urbano (Fallon), Katie Hannigan (Colbert), Chanel Ali (Comedy Central), JP McDade (Comedy Central), Shane O’Connor (The Onion), and Ben Siy-Hian (Firepit). Anticipate a night where each comic embroiders the atmosphere with their unique threads of wit and charm, crafting a tapestry of laughter and lightness in the cozy embrace of the Silver Light Tavern. It’s free to register here.

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