The Thai restaurant Hungry? (77 Norman Avenue) closed unceremoniously over the weekend, according to several tips from our readers. Signage on the door mentions the lease was finished, and they planned on looking for a new location. 

Hungry? had been serving up Thai classics since 2014. Though the snug space afforded limited sit-down options, Hungry? ran a robust takeout operation, offering generous lunch specials. 

Of note, Hungry’s next-door neighbor, CUP, also closed recently, chalking up the decision to post-pandemic difficulties, leaving that 77-79 Norman Avenue storefront space empty. 

As a Hungry? regular, I’m personally devastated and will miss the spicy beef immensely. Hopefully, that new location isn’t too far away!

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  1. “Chalking up the decision to post-pandemic difficulties” is the popular obligatory and worn out excuse used by any establishment which has shut down operations. Fact of the matter is that there are more restaurants open, or opening, which cater to customers’ faddy food habits and these places lose their popularity for no good reason other than other choices.

  2. I agree with Joe, there are so many amazing dining choices now in Greenpoint, people simply move on to other choices. Also the landlord who owns this property is an absolute scumbag and I would not be surprised if the owners of the restaurant had had enough of him.

  3. Hopefully they find a new location and reopen soon. Hungry? is the best Thai restaurant in the neighborhood. And it would indeed be good if we got a condo in the existing spot instead of a one-story shack.

    (Btw, I’m not sure what “post-pandemic” difficulties Joe and Ben are referring to, they seem to be relocating due to an expiring lease).

  4. I came back after a long trip last night and went to order dinner and was so saddened by this’. Especially because they are so popular. Happy to have found this article siting a move. Looking forward to it – their food has made me so happy in the last few years.

  5. Hungry?’s owners lived in Greenpoint until late last year. They continued to operate until end of lease. They were a nice family and our kids hung out. Best of luck to them.

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