Famed improv comedy theater The Second City finally expands to…the first city?

Reports surfaced last year that Second City would soon open a Brooklyn location at 64 North 9th Street, and we now have an official opening date. Starting on November 16, New Yorkers will be able to attend shows at the group’s new outpost (improv classes start even earlier, on November 13). 

The Second City, first founded in Chicago in 1959, is the behemoth responsible for churning out some of the biggest names in comedy — Bill Murray, Steve Carrell, Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mike Myers, the legendary SCTV lineup (duh), just to name a few. 

Source: secondcity.com

The New York City location “will feature a main stage, a stage for students, seven classrooms, and a full-service restaurant and bar,” according to our story from last year.

However, the decision to move to NYC was not without controversy. The group unceremoniously shuttered its Los Angeles location during the pandemic, at a time when members of the theater’s union were fighting for higher wages. 


You can get more details, and check out the theater’s first round of shows here.

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