Competition at Greenpoint Avenue has just increased — another food establishment is opening up on the stretch next to Transmitter Park that includes Panzon, Lingo, El Pinguino, and the soon-to-open Radio Star.

It looks like progress is underway for Taku Sando (29 Greenpoint Ave), from the same team behind Long Island City’s Takumen. Takumen is an Izakaya-style restaurant that functions as a coffee shop during the day.

The Instagram account promises “Japanese craft sandwiches” which will be “served with freshly baked shokupan bread.” Not many other details are known just yet, but references to katsu, Japanese-style chicken cutlets, are mentioned.

With the recent closure of Grand Republic Cocktail Club in addition to the new openings, it’s amazing to think how different that block of Greenpoint Avenue looks from even just a year ago.

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