The situation at Brooklyn Mirage keeps getting stranger.

New details have emerged about an alleged kidnapping that occurred outside of the Brooklyn Mirage in July, between the deaths of Karl Clemente and John Castic.

A Connecticut man was kidnapped outside the beleaguered venue during the weekend of July 21, as first reported by The Hour. The man allegedly got into a cab after a night spent at the Brooklyn Mirage, where he was then held hostage by the driver, whom police have identified as Bronx resident Anthony Benjamin. The doctor was let go after he said he needed to go to work and alerted the hospital to his situation.

Earlier this month, the body of 27-year-old man John Castic was found in Newtown Creek after he disappeared outside the venue. Another 27-year-old man, Karl Clemente, also vanished outside of the club earlier in the summer and was later found dead in Newtown Creek.

Local politicians and patrons have called on the Mirage to implement more safety measures. Several have pointed out that the location in an isolated, industrial area can make it difficult to safely exit the venue and get a ride from a licensed cab or Uber driver, especially as WiFi can be spotty.


Aside from a statement via Insta Story after Castic’s death, Brooklyn Mirage has kept quiet about the situation.

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