McGuinness Boulevard has seen its fair share of traffic incidents and injuries, and unfortunately, another one has been added to that list.

Streetsblog NYC has the details on the horrific accident that took place on August 10:

“The motorist first rear-ended another driver at the corner of Newton Street and McGuinness around 2:30 p.m. and tried to flee the scene, barreling south on McGuinness before striking a young man and severely injuring his leg at Meeker Avenue.

He then continued south of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass where McGuinness turns into Humboldt Street and crashed into a bunch of parked cars, totaling his vehicle and coming to a standstill near Herbert Street, according to police.”

North Brooklyn elected officials soon released a statement regarding the incident, calling on the Mayor’s office to take “immediate action.”

“We are devastated to learn that there has been yet another horrific crash on McGuinness Boulevard, just feet from where beloved local teacher Matthew Jensen was killed two years ago. 

This one mile stretch is an epicenter of traffic violence in our community, where we experience an average of one crash resulting in an injury every single week. Sadly, this incident was entirely predictable and underscores once again why the McGuinness Boulevard redesign is so badly needed.” 

The DOT’s initial plan to redesign McGuinness Boulevard was scrapped by Mayor Eric Adams, who asked the agency to go back to the drawing board. Mayor Adams said he was inspired by the response from an oppositional meeting that took place in May, though reporting from outlets such as THE CITY and Streetsblog NYC highlights the influence of lobbying from some of his closest advisors, including a noted foe of congestion pricing and bike lanes, Ingrid Lewis-Martin.

Earlier this month, the DOT released its revamped plan, which will likely be implemented later this year.


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  1. let me guess what other comments are going to say…

    “if there were one lane for bicycles this would have never happened.”
    “This is the fight to save lives!”
    “Cars should be banned!”
    “Im so lonely and a piece of a human that i need to devote my life to this!”

  2. Now, imagine how much more damage there would’ve been if it was only one lane. Keep McGuiness moving! We need it for emergency vehicles, and it’s the main thorough fare for a lot of delivery from Queens, and the people that come in – the true New Yorkers, who need to get off the BQE.

  3. Enough already about this beloved teacher. He was drunk and he tried to cross the street when he didn’t have the Walk sign. When are these people going to put the truth out there. The teacher made a mistake and paid dearly for it.

  4. The simple TRUTH regarding this latest crash on Humboldt Street was that it’s root cause was a driver’s total disregard for rules, laws and any resemblance to regard for the life or safety of others. It had absolutely nothing to do with the geometric design of the roadway and was totally the result of the illegal actions of an irresponsible driver.
    Placing blame on this crash on the DOT or NYPD is as irresponsible as the driver.
    Let’s stick to facts when contemplating changes to roadway design changes which will negatively affect thousands of law abiding citizens in Greenpoint.

  5. The DOT’s studies say injuries and deaths go down 30% after redesigns. A bunch of random people posting comments don’t know better than actual studies.

    Can’t wait for safer streets.

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