It’s not easy being a small business in New York City, especially over the past few years. Rents have skyrocketed, and inflation abounds. But there’s one type of business that, while not totally indestructible, will always have a home here — your local deli and bagel spot. 

Bakers Dozen (788 Manhattan Avenue) just extended their lease for another 10 years. They first opened in Greenpoint in 2012. 

“It’s been an incredible journey serving Greenpoint for the last decade, and we’re beyond thrilled to continue being a part of this vibrant community for the next ten years. We promise to keep doing what we do best — baking love into every single bagel we serve,” owner Jay Goodman said in a statement alongside Brooklyn Bagel Blog and Brooklyn Bagel Fest founder, Sam Silverman. Last year, Brooklyn Bagel Fest recognized Bakers Dozen as a top bagel provider.

I am personally thrilled about this news. When Bakers Dozen’s awning recently came down, I feared for the worst. Your go-to bagel spot is a very personal thing in New York City, and I was not prepared to find a new one. I did not want to work to build up a rapport again. I walk into Bakers Dozen, and they ask “Do you want the regular?”

Luckily, the awning was simply being replaced. Congrats to Bakers Dozen for the past 10 years, and good luck in the next 10 years to come!


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