Cool World, a brasserie-style restaurant occupying the space at 905 Lorimer Street, has shut down after just a year in business, according to Instagram.

The closure happened abruptly, with the decision announced yesterday morning, also the restaurant’s last day of service. 

In a statement to Greenpointers, co-owners Julian Brizzi and Noah Bernamoff said: 

“We are very proud of the food, drink, and design program that our team created. Ultimately we found it was not economically viable, but we are so grateful to everyone who came in during the past year.”

Chef Quang Nguyen, formerly of Manhattan’s acclaimed Wildair, led the kitchen. “The idea behind some of the food is a nod to the Odeon and other 1990s brasseries,” he told Greenpointers last year. In June, the restaurant pivoted to an all-day kind of vibe with the addition of lunch.

A prime location right across the street from McCarren Park, in a highly pedestrian-trafficked part of Greenpoint, restaurants in recent years have failed to make traction in that space. Xilonen, a plant-based Mexican spot from Oxomoco chef Justin Bazdarich, similarly shut down after only a year in business. Before Xilonen, the French restaurant Sauvage enjoyed a few years of operation before pandemic-related complications forced them to shut down.


Here’s hoping the next tenants have better luck!

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  1. Hip, quirky and trendy as selling points ain’t cutting it anymore. The problem is that Greenpoint has reached the saturation point when it comes to bars and restaurants. More choices doesn’t necessarily translate to more clientele. There are too many of both with each fighting for limited customer dollars. It takes an establishment almost two years after opening to turn a profit. Most close within 15 months.

    1. Spot on Joe.
      This is a real example of even how “Funny Money” tossed around cant forge a success.
      It strait up needs to be Matchless 2 to have some sort of success. HOWEVER that ship has sailed the way to Triple Decker Diner on Manhattan Ave.
      The brass tax is that is has to be something fast casual or nothing at all. The space is cursed.
      I worked at Sauvage.
      It was dreadful.

  2. Xilonen was amazing, Cool World not so much. The food and service at Cool World was average at best. That corner deserves an incredible tenant who knows how to make good food and make customers feel valued.

  3. Sauvage didn’t close because of “Pandemic-related issues”, they closed because the owners filed for bankruptcy when faced with multiple lawsuits from former employees and millions in unpaid debts lol. It’s all public record (:

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