Greenpointers love a dance party (remember No Lights No Lycra?) and a new one will be open to even the smallest Brookynites.

McGolrick Nights, an initiative from local guitarist Kaki King, kicked off this June and will take place at McGolrick Park every Wednesday through the summer.

“I work in the arts as do many of my neighbors and fellow parents, and many eastern Greenpointers are great fans of live music and theater. However, after the closing of the Park Church there was a distinct lack of any kind of performance venue. Not to mention that as parents it’s a huge hurdle to go out to see and support performances” King told Greenpointers. “I created a medium in which we could bring those performers to kids and adults without having to create any permanent structures or expensive sound equipment.”

Photo credit: Jodie Love

Each evening starts with a kids dance party at 6 p.m. followed by a poetry reading. The 8 p.m. time slot features an hour of live music. The night wraps up with a silent disco, and if you’re lucky, maybe some karaoke. 

This week, TIMALIKESMUSIC will be spinning tunes for both the kids dance party AND the silent disco. Additionally, Joe Martin will bring his upright bass to provide some music and Trudy Fraser “will be reading poems in English, Scots, and some unrecognizable dialect called Doric. The closer you get to her the more arcane her words will become,” according to Instagram.


The lineup changes every week, so be sure to follow @mcgolricknights to stay updated.

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