Pete’s Candy Store’s Kentucky Derby celebrations have become a legendary event in their own right, but this year, they’re upping the ante with another time-honored tradition: a pie contest (making, not eating).

This Saturday, May 6 (same day as the aforementioned Derby), bakers can present a pie for judgment in hopes of winning a $50 bar tab and/or $150 in cold, hard cash (to ideally not immediately blow on horse betting, but that’s up to you).

The rules are as follows, as per Pete’s:

  1. All Pies must be presented in a 9″ Pie Pan, accompanied by a 4 x 6 handwritten index card identifying and describing the pie. NOTE: This description will be read aloud for the judges, with identifying information redacted—so write it good!
  2. There is a $10 entry fee per pie. Individuals and/or teams may enter up to three pies.
  3. Pies will be evaluated by a panel of three professional judges:
  • PAIGE LIPARI, owner and principal baker at Archestratus.
  • ASA CANTY, pie lover and lead singer for the band Young June.
  • EMILIE BALTZ, food experience designer and founder of the first Food Design Studio at Pratt Institute.

4. The Winner will be awarded a minimum $150 cash and a $50 bar tab

5. The Runner Up will be awarded a $50 Pete’s bar tab

6. Pies may be of any denomination: Sweet pies, meat pies, cream pies, mud pies; all are welcome.

7. To mitigate corruption and facilitate sales, pies become property of Pete’s upon entry.

Hopefuls can enter up until 5 p.m. on the day of and judging begins at 5:15 — sign up here.

But the pie contest isn’t the only way Pete’s is commemorating the Run for the Roses. The day will also include country vinyl spinning from Cat Casual from 3:30 to 5 p.m., a game of Pin the Skirt on the Filly (which is basically exactly what it sounds like), posted data points for making wages, and more.

The bash will continue until the final horse crosses the finish line and dressing up is very, very encouraged. BYOB(ig hat).

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