According to signage on the door, it appears that Williamsburg Market (103 North 3rd Street) has shut down unceremoniously.

The notice said that the premises were closed and off-limits to patrons and employees alike. The legal team listed on the signage, Anthony Sodono III and Sari Placona, specialize in bankruptcy litigation. While nothing has been confirmed about what led to the food hall to suddenly close, considering an asset auctioneer firm is also listed on the notice, it would appear that some form of intervention from a financial institution took place.

Photo: Emma Davey

It also appears that the market’s Instagram account, @williamsburgmarket, is now defunct.

A source close to the situation, who asked to remain anonymous, said that no one was given any prior notice about the closure and that the vendors were just as surprised as everyone else.

“What we did know was that the general operation of the larger space and how that’s been going since before the launch has not been great, to say the least,” they told Greenpointers.


This isn’t the first food hall that failed to take root in the space. The North 3rd Street Market shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and never got to reopen. Moonrise Ventures later took over the space and implemented their own vision of a food hall, with a focus on “young, chef-driven concepts,” we reported last March. Unfortunately, the market only lasted for a few months, as it had only just opened in November of last year. 

We have reached out to Moonrise Ventures, vendors, and the legal team listed on the notice in order to get a comment. We will update the piece when we have additional information. 

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  1. I’m guessing they couldn’t collect enough in rents to pay for the space, and whatever renovations costs. The block itself is full of cute shops, but for a food court, thats a failSpot. It would require unbelievably brisk foot traffic to sustain that mall, and monday-friday its just plain anemic. Sorry for the vendors.

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