If you’ve been in the market for beautiful handmade glass lighting crafted by an all-female crew of artists, there’s very literally no time like the present — Friend of All is moving its studio from 89 Freeman Street to Philadelphia, and this is your last chance to visit the Greenpoint showroom!

Despite the process of moving from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania (the location of owner Flannery Cronin’s home studio) being underway this month in anticipation of the Greenpoint location’s April 1 closure, Cronin and co. still found the time to host an Advanced Stained Glass class this past weekend, plus a moving sale that included the rehoming of their incredible stained glass wall (which can now be found in Equinuck, PA, at the Honey Valley event venue).

And if making the trip to Philly isn’t in the cards, you can still order from Friend of All online. Antidote Apothecary has also been sharing FoA’s space for the past few months and will be vacating on April 1, making the shift to their outpost garden and a new mobile model (though the parking location is still TBD).

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