Vinyl wonderland Academy Records will soon move into a new storefront. Luckily for patrons, the move will only be another block or so away, from 85 Oak Street into a new location on 242 Banker Street.

While the new store is not yet ready for shoppers, it should be done within the next couple of weeks, according to their Instagram.

Academy Records first moved to Greenpoint in 2013, from Williamsburg’s North 6th Street and Wythe Avenue. “Academy’s current building in Williamsburg is being razed in favor of high-end retail and condos,” we wrote at the time (considering luxury brands Chanel and Hermès are moving to North 6th within the next year or so, it’s a trend that’s only picked up steam within the past decade).

The store, which also has an original location in Manhattan, is known for its extensive collection of rare and used vinyl.

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