The Parks Department is urging parkgoers to stay off the Transmitter Park lawn while the grass is being restored for spring.

Despite installing signs about the lawn’s closure, NYC Parks acknowledges that said signs were illegally removed and is working to put up new ones soon. Readers have also flagged the fence being moved or removed by neighbors to use the grass, which NYC Parks considers a “chronic issue.”

“We encourage folks to please stay off the grass so that we can have a healthy lawn next season,” NYC Parks Director of Media Relations Meghan Lalor noted.

Traveling over the grass, lounging on it, or allowing dogs on it (especially when used as a bathroom) disrupts the reseeding process, resulting in patchy, unhealthy grass come springtime. The full restoration process began back in November and is meant to last throughout winter.

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  1. There are many dogs off leash and running around that lawn all year long. It’s a huge issue, both for the lawn and for the safety of park goers (especially children). I would encourage everyone who is concerned to call 311.

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