I heard the rumors about the mysterious smell emanating from the Nassau Avenue station, of course, but since moving further north, Greenpoint Avenue became my new home base. Yet this past weekend while taking the train, as our stubby little collection of cars pulled into Nassau Avenue, an unmistakable stench assaulted my nostrils, confirming the rumors with my very own sense of smell.

“When will our suffering end?” I yelled, shaking my fists at the sky to whatever demon or deity might be responsible for the slights and indignities suffered by G-train straphangers on the daily. Erratic weekend closures, unreliable service, the G-train sprint, and now this STENCH.

It wasn’t hard to guess that sewage issues would be the culprit, but it’s nice to finally get confirmation. 

On Wednesday, assemblymember Emily Gallagher tweeted, “@MTA says a sewage leak was discovered approx. 100ft south of the northbound track.” She noted that NYC water was working on the issue. In perhaps what is record time for the MTA, they have now apparently fixed it.

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  1. If I am allowed to post a non PC post here, this incident reminds of of when I went to Bklyn Tech in downtown Bklyn in the 1960s. Boys (not coed then) from Tech and Westinghouse and Bklyn Loughlin noticed a stench every day when the GG train (known then) passed the Broadway Station, a few stations before Nassau. It was coming from the big Pfizer plant there which was still in operation. We did not know that and blamed it on the local Catholic Girls HS there.

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