A local GoFundMe campaign is raising money to cover healthcare costs for a local bar owner.

Johnny Swet, who owns Grand Republic Cocktail Club (19 Greenpoint Avenue), is awaiting a liver transplant before being treated for prostate cancer. The campaign, organized by a friend, has currently raised nearly $35,000 out of its $50,000 goal.

“After nearly three years of multiple hospital visits, including four stays in the Intensive Care Unit and more recently eight days on a ventilator/life support, followed by five weeks of hospitalization, Johnny Swet was finally accepted to the transplant list. We are hopeful that he should be getting a transplant within the next few weeks or months.

On Wednesday, January 11th, Johnny was released from the hospital rehabilitation facility to go home and wait for a liver to become available. But right now the waiting is the hardest part. He is very frail, his health is severely compromised, and he cannot walk, use the bathroom, or eat without assistance.

Getting on the list is like winning the lottery, but their current medical and financial situation feels insurmountable. They are behind on rent, utilities are at risk, bill collectors are coming out of the woodwork while insurance is refusing claims because many of Johnny’s required and necessary prescriptions and procedures are not covered by insurance, so Frank and Johnny will need to pay for these out of pocket. These guys could use all the help we can give them!”

An excerpt from the GoFundMe campaign website

After the beautiful success of another local campaign, let’s dig into those pockets again to help a neighbor in need.

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