‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through (well, in at least one establishment) Williamsburg, feelings were stirring. One person’s feelings, in particular.

If you filled up enough on sickeningly sweet Hallmark holiday rom-coms to last until the 2024 season, here’s one straight out of real life. (And by real life, we mean Craigslist.) This week, a hopeful Missed Connectioner posted their own Christmas Eve tale so good it would make even the most hardened Netflix executives swoon.

True to Brooklyn form, the story hinged around a movie debate, though judging by the apparent blind spots, we’re not sure if the two subjects of the conversation are very active on Letterboxd. And while many neighbors had already fled town for family houses of yore, it’s those who stayed behind who had the luxury of being part of this very particular, very Williamsburg bit of holiday magic.

And we can’t blame the poster for not chiming in — at somewhere like Birds of a Feather (considered Eater‘s go-to for Sichuan cuisine in the neighborhood), it’s hard to not have your mouth full. We can’t blame them for prioritizing food over intrusion. Regardless, here’s hoping they’re on track to reconnect for a New Year’s movie marathon.

No matter what, they’ll always have Birds of a Feather.

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