Is the Greenpoint ferry actually returning this month? Lendlease is making no promises, but we can hope.

As Greenpointers reported in August, the return of the ferry was delayed once again due to “unforeseen conditions in the bedrock” that have increased the amount of time needed for drilling, according to Isaac Henderson, the former Development Director at Lendlease. 

The pier in its full glory that we’ll hopefully return to one day.

Earlier in August, Henderson first said the ferry’s return was “imminent,” however, he had to amend his statement as the bedrock ended up being “thicker and denser than what is normally encountered in similar locations in the river.” 

Henderson is no longer with Lendlease, so Greenpointers reached out to Tom Reller, Head of Communications at Lendlease for an update.

Reller said, “We are finishing the punchlist work on the ferry landing and have submitted documentation to SBS to close out open permits in early November.”


“The reopening date will be announced by EDC (Economic Development Corporation) once the ferry landing is ready to reopen,” Reller said. 

Lendlease provided an update on their website on October 15 stating, “The anticipated launch of the landing will be in early November. We will continue to provide updates on our progress and communicate the reopening date as soon as it is confirmed, working in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and NYC Ferry operator.”

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