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A new coffee shop quietly opened on a residential stretch of Greenpoint. While coffee shops are a dime a dozen in this neck of the woods, Rhythm Zero (32 Kent Street) hopes its focus on carefully curating an artistic-looking space will set it apart from the rest.

Married duo Ivana and Alex, originally from Serbia but currently based in Long Island City, were searching for a space in their neighborhood, before lucking into a storefront on Kent Street. “One day, our agent called and told us we MUST see the space in Greenpoint,” Ivana told Greenpointers via email. “If love at first sight exists, it was definitely this one. We fell in love not only with the space, but to the entire Greenpoint and the people who live in it. In just a week, we met wonderful people who send us so much love and support, we are extremely grateful and happy to be in this neighborhood. We are really overwhelmed with emotions and gratitude.”

Alex and Ivana of Rhythm Zero in their coffee shop

Ivana says that coffee culture is big in Serbia and that she and Alex both come from artistic families, making Rhythm Zero a natural extension of their interests. She keeps her eye on the design, while Alex sources the coffee and pastries.

Rhythm Zero doesn’t have the look of your typical coffee shop. It’s a sleek, stylish space that almost looks more like a museum than a cozy place to sip coffee.

“It was challenging to bring together the gallery look and make people feel comfortable and cozy. It still happens that people enter the space not being sure if they are allowed to sit or touch the sculptures and old vases that we have!” Ivana continued in the email. “Apart from the very old pieces such as oil paintings from 1890, rare African Dogon ladders, Shaver Howard and FRAMA chairs, there are also things we made ourselves, such as stainless steel plinths, marble pedestals, and floral arrangements made by our dear friends with whom we share space and passion for art and beautiful things.”


The Rhythm Zero team has plans for an art exhibition and hopes to host more shows in the future. They also have plans to sell furniture and decor.

Stop by Monday – Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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