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Founded in 2017 with the mission to help houseplant lovers bring new life into their small New York City apartments, Horti has been a source for plant education, access, and a safe space to embrace & explore nature.

“We built Horti on three philosophical pillars that guide our work to cultivate inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome to play, heal and hope for greener futures.”

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Honing in on the “play” pillar of their mission, the Horti PLAY showroom was designed to offer customers a zen space to ask questions, cultivate relationships, and interact with plants. The showroom, which is currently located on 70 Eckford Street, will be closing on September 20 as they move to their new location on Hope Street in Williamsburg (exact address TBA). 

Opened in 2019, the experiential showroom has been home to a community of plant lovers in Greenpoint who share a focus on exposure and exploration. “A green space for contemplation, creation, and connection,” Horti PLAY has been host to lectures, book signings, art workshops, tea times, and plant mounting classes. 

Though CEO and co-founder Puneet Sabharwal suggests that the move will be bittersweet for their team, as Greenpoint is where they’ve built their community, he also expresses their excitement to expand into the new 5000-square-foot space they’ll soon call home. 


With a number of new partnerships in the works and concepts for larger community events underway, Sabharwal gives a little insight into the vision for the new showroom:

“The space is being designed as a plant sanctuary with emphasis on plant education where people can spend some time hanging with family/friends/lovers, working, or just having a slow reflective time.”

Puneet Sabharwal

Horti also offers a plant subscription service, shipping nationwide, with pickup available for New York neighbors. Whether you’re curious about plant parenthood, looking for a month-to-month service, a new plant parent looking for a 6-month plant care program, or a committed plant lover looking for a 12-month plant care journey, Horti can help. Select your level of plant care proficiency, choose your pot color, and you’ll receive guidance for care alongside your handpicked greenery. 

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