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Last night, September 11, New York Fashion Week popped its head over to our humble little corner of Brooklyn.

Tommy Hilfiger hosted its fall 2022 show at Skyline Drive-In. At this time, I was already in my pajamas, watching Junior Bake Off on Netflix, so I’ll let Vogue writer André-Naquian Wheeler set the scene:

“The show kicked off with a bounty of dramatically oversized and voluminous pieces. There was a striped varsity polo that fell far below a male model’s knees (which, on the right person, could be styled as a dress, if you so pleased). Baggy chinos with enough room for two. What can only best be described as thicc scarves wrapped around the neck several times with plenty of fabric to spare. At one point, a model came strutting out in a monogrammed jumpsuit, cracking a long whip against the rain. And right after her came a Tommy Hilfiger cowboy—complete with a Texas-sized gallon hat and a chest harness. Rebellion was in the air.”

A few Kardashian-Jenners were on hand to celebrate the night. Shawn Mendes and John Legend sat front row. Julia Fox, making a triumphant return to North Brooklyn, walked the runway, as did Euphoria star Hunter Schaefer.

You’re welcome to click on the link above to see all the lewks that came down the runway, because frankly, I don’t think we have the rights to use any of them, and we can’t afford to get sued.

On Twitter, the Hilfiger brand wrote that the show was inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory. Not sure if that influence was really felt, other than the “15 minutes of fame” theory, but what do I know about fashion?


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