Frankie, the local scruffy little terrier mix who tugged on Greenpointers’ heartstrings after going missing in December, has been adopted by foster and determined dog sleuth Alicia Torello.

In January, we reported how Torello found Frankie with the help of Brooklyn-based intuitive pet tracker Jim Tierny. Torello took him to the vet and decided to start fostering him, which has since turned to adoption.

After a Frankie sign spotting in the background of a picture from that semi-baffling photoshoot from The Cut which had Unka Jahmz star Julia Fox vogueing in the Kent Ave bike lane, Torello took to the comment section to confirm that she had officially adopted Frankie.

And if Torello’s dog motherhood is anything like her work as a detail-oriented and majorly talented nail artist, it’s safe to assume that Frankie is living the good life.

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