IRL Gallery, founded in 2020, will no longer call Greenpoint home, moving across the East River to Two Bridges/Chinatown. Their exact location is unclear, though the infamous Dimes Square scene doesn’t appear to be too far away.

Opening in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic shaped IRL’s approach to a gallery space, one that prioritized community and gave artists an outlet to showcase their work and earn a living. The gallery, which focused on emerging and mid-career artists, rotated its offerings and allowed consumers to purchase the work.

The gallery closed on July 29. Photo by Emma Davey.

“We started IRL in September 2020 during the height of the pandemic, which was for many reasons extremely hard to navigate,” founders Alice Demoëte and Chris Cerny told Greenpointers via email. “Nevertheless, during the last two years we presented 20 art exhibitions and about 200 concerts and were able to grow a broad community of artists, art & music enthusiasts and collectors. We are grateful to all the supporters of the project and are extremely excited for our new chapter in Manhattan — technically, only a ferry ride away from GP!”

Foolishly, I never stopped in, but I wish them all the best. I like the idea of an open space dedicated to art and community, and I’d love for us neighbors to brainstorm what could go in there next.

The “for lease” sign outside offers some ideas — “Suitable for: yoga studio, photo shoots, coffee shop, weddings.”


With the recent closure of Porter James, there are now two attractive storefronts up for lease on Franklin Street. We have enough coffee shops, bars, and plant stores. A yoga studio could be good. Or how about one of those rooms filled with old plates and obsolete technology where you can pay to go in and break everything? Right now, my money’s on that. Let me know your ideas, and stay in touch with IRL on their website and Instagram.

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  1. why are we having people who aren’t even supporting local spaces write about them when they shutter? then call to “brainstorm” what could go in there next. gross. tone deaf. thanks for the closure notice.

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