A GoFundMe for the crew member tragically shot and killed while working as a parking enforcer on Law & Order has been set up. The goal is listed as $250,000.

“Johnny Alberto Pizarro II, was taken from his family and children too soon. An unknown individual took him away from his children in the most senseless way possible, while working and trying to earn a living for his family as a parking enforcer. The investigation is ongoing. Any information regarding funeral and memorial services shall be provided at a later time. Johnny left behind six (6) beautiful children (whose names are being withheld to respect their privacy as they are minors) and an amazing family. Words cannot describe the emptiness his family and dearest friends feel. He was the bright light and heart of so many lives and his memory will be eternal.”

Excerpt taken from Johnny Pizarro’s GoFundMe
Johnny Pizarro with his daughter. Image courtesy of the Grigoropoulos Law Group.

The Grigoropoulos Law Group, a Ridgewood-based firm representing Pizarro’s estate, set up the fund.

“He was a good guy, not a troublemaker,” a co-worker of Pizarro’s previous told Variety. “This is the safest neighborhood out of all the five boroughs. New York City is unpredictable.”

“He was like a brother to me, my little brother. I’m destroyed on the inside. What happened to him could have happened to any one of us,” another co-worker told New York Post.

The investigation into his murder is ongoing. The 94th precinct has not responded to Greenpointers’ request for comment.


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