Need some space? Astronomy on Tap, a gathering of astronomy enthusiasts and experts discussing the cosmos and beyond, is making its in-person return to Pete’s Candy Store on June 14 at 7 p.m after two years of virtual meetings.

Despite hosting events nationwide, Astronomy on Tap was launched in New York City by planetary scientist, astronomer, and lecturer Meg Schwamb and professor, astronomer, and public speaker Emily Rice in 2013

The event at Pete’s Candy Store promises good drinks, space puns, conversation, games, and a trivia game with prizes — Neil Tyson’s Treasures, to be exact (a curated selection of items gifted to Neil Tyson that he’s passed on to the AoT team. Guests include a mix of scientists, educators, artists, and more, including MC Tycho Brewhaha, Mark Popinchalk, The Friendly Neighborhood Astronomer, DJ Carly Sagan, and MC Stardust, conversing on everything from science fiction to dinosaurs and beyond.

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