Greenpointers received a few tips about an incident involving a person wielding a knife at Greenpoint Avenue station Wednesday morning. The 94th precinct confirmed to us that such an incident had occurred. 

“There was an arrest made for Menacing in the train station at Manhattan Avenue and Greenpoint Avenue this morning at approximately at 10:18.  An individual brandished a knife and charged toward the victim following an altercation between the two individuals.  Officers from the 94 who were assigned to the station recovered the knife and made the arrest.”

Statement from Captain Kathleen Fahey of the 94th precinct.

Not many other details are currently available, though an anonymous tipster told us that the event was “traumatizing.”

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  1. Adams talks a lot about stopping crime but so far it is all window dressing. We don’t want to go back to Rudy G, shoot first ask questions later but also not back to Dinkins ie coddle the criminal.
    This person(s) should get a stiff sentence so they are not let out the same day to do the same with a rap sheet a mile long.

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