Hungry Burrito is a family-owned, full-service Mexican restaurant that recently opened in February at 1079 Manhattan Avenue, taking the place of a spot locals might recall used to be a hardware store. The owners of the newcomer describe the menu as “both Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican with a gourmet twist.”

A mural inside Hungry Burrito.

The Delacruz family owns three Hungry Burrito locations. Two are located in Greenpoint and one in Ridgewood. The second Greenpoint location is on the other side of the neighborhood at 510 Morgan Street.

Lorenzo Delacruz, the owner’s son, who helps his father and uncle run the three restaurants, said that his father liked Greenpoint and worked with some locals here. He thought the neighborhood could use another authentic and well-run Mexican restaurant.   

Lorenzo Delacruz said his family is “big on hospitality.” “Anyone can learn how to take a plate from the table, but we want someone to connect with people from neighborhood,” said Delacruz.

Part of the interior dining section at Hungry Burrito.

The Mexican eatery has a large menu with something for everyone. Popular items like burritos, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, and fajitas are all present, plus the menu features a “comida artesanal” section with more traditional Mexican specialties. 

Carnitas tacos from Hungry Burrito.

There is a generous selection of Mexican appetizers with additions like shrimp cocktail, soups, and salads. The menu also includes a variety of enticing desserts. Plus, Hungry Burrito has a children’s menu, something unique, but welcome, in the neighborhood.

Hungry Burrito is still waiting on a liquor license, like so many other local venues. Soon, they will serve margaritas both frozen and on the rocks, as well as many other signature cocktails. 

A shot of a cocktail with mezcal at the Ridgewood Hungry Burrito location. Photo: Hungry Burrito

The owners are waiting on permits for the outdoor areas, but hope to have patio seating in both the back and sidewalk seating in front of the restaurant. Currently, the Delacruz family is working on adding authentic and old-fashioned design elements to the interior, like the handmade wooden bar.

The handmade wooden bar at Hungry Burrito.

Hungry Burrito is also hoping to offer live music and is looking for local artists who want to play at the restaurant. “We’re taking it step by step,” said Delacruz. 

Hungry Burrito is currently open everyday noon – 10 p.m. and is available for takeout and delivery.

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