Chomping at the bit for some springtime tomfoolery? You’re in luck! It’s time to break out your best hat for the fourth-annual last-ever Kentucky Derby extravaganza at Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St.) this Saturday, May 7 from 3 p.m onward!

Yes, you read that correctly: fourth-annual last-ever, not to be mistaken with the last-ever fourth-annual — it’s not over yet, folks. The most exciting ninety seconds of the year, according to the event’s longtime organizer, Jamie Hook, is the perfect way to kick off the day-drinking, summertime season with your pals at Pete’s.

And while they thought they could retire the event after the first last ever, the love and appreciation for this special day prevailed, and the name stuck. The event has been running at Pete’s for the last twenty years, the past decade of which Hook has been the witty and ebullient ring leader.  

Courtesy of Pete’s Candy Store

When asked about his love for the Derby, Hook recalled his first encounter with the Run for the Roses. His friend had invited him to get dressed up and watch amongst fellow fans, and after garnering such fantastic build up, he could not believe it was all over in ninety seconds. He found it both hilarious and endearing, and he’s celebrated every year since. 

The fourth-annual last-ever event pays tribute to the bittersweet legacy of almost five decades in the historic parlor at Pete’s. “Since we started hosting this event in 1984, we have seen so much change in this sad, beautiful world” says organizer Jamie Hook. “But, like all nostalgic practices, the Derby persists unbowed, hidebound, to provide pleasure for the wagering classes, even as we march towards our ineluctable deaths.”

Pete’s Candy Store

In other words, why the heck not? 


Whether you’ve got an affinity for horse racing; a billycock in the closet; or if fortune tends to smile on you, this is the place to be. The main room will be transformed into a derby-centric ring, and the event will feature stations for fans to learn more about the history of the race, a bluegrass band, a hat competition, a bar tab prize, food from Uncle Nik’s Derby Taco Experience (because what’s a derby without some tacos), and more! 

PS. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders!

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