Greenpoint is getting a new, fun and affordable watering hole. Tony Petillo, the owner of Greenpoint staple Brooklyn Safehouse (120 Franklin St.), is opening a new bar called The Mallard Drake (43 Franklin St.) in the location that previously housed The Diamond. 

“Diamond Dave ran one of my favorite spots in Greenpoint,” said Petillo. “We’ll try to do him justice.”

The front door of The Mallard Drake, almost ready to welcome guests.

The Mallard Drake will serve as a “cheap beer and shot joint” according to Petillo, with low-key vibes similar to Safehouse. The new spot will feature free pool in a downstairs section all night, a fun photo booth, and a classic arcade game station. 

The Photo Booth and arcade game at The Mallard Drake.

The Mallard Drake may appear to be an everyday saloon on the outside, but purposeful touches are planted throughout the space. The hooks to hang bags and coats under the main bar are shaped like ducks, and there are duck-shaped lamps placed throughout the seating areas. 

The bar at The Mallard Drake, featuring duck-shaped hooks.

On the weekends, there will be a “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” bar. And everyday, there will be a soda line dedicated for pickle juice. “I think I invented it,” laughs Petillo, hoping bar-goers will be just as excited about the idea of chilled pickle juice out of a soda gun.


The Mallard Drake’s beer menu will consist of economical options like PBR and Miller. There will be a cheap whiskey list and a cocktail menu featuring Petillo’s favorite underrated liqueur, Galliano. 

The music played will probably be a mix of obscure 80’s new wave and whatever guests stream through Bluetooth. Petillo also encourages people to bring their own records as he has a record player in the downstairs pool area. 

Art lining the staircase to the downstairs pool area of The Mallard Drake.

Eventually, guests can enjoy a backyard area when the construction next door completes, possibly in about a year. Plus, food is in the works, and the kitchen will start serving at some point after the opening as Petillo is still working out details.

The Mallard Drake will be a late-night, post-dinner joint, usually open from 2 p.m. – 4 a.m. Petillo is hoping to obtain the liquor license within the next few days, and when he receives it, he will be ready to open The Mallard Drake within days. 

Local artists’ works on the wall at The Mallard Drake.

Though a date has not been set, The Mallard Drake will open in the coming weeks with a grand opening celebration which will showcase local artists. Art is already gracing the walls of the bar. Featured artists include Chris Smith (@subtexture_works), Mark Albright (@selfindulgence20), Monte Antrim (@monteantrim), Carri Skoczek (@carriskoczek), Sharilyn Neidhardt (@SharilynNeidhardt), and Christine Coco Murray (@aperfectbag).

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