While working in childcare for over 10 years, Greenpointer Lottie Gurvis noticed that one of the biggest challenges among busy families with young children is getting healthy home cooked meals on a regular basis. As this busy mom with a toddler can attest to, having Lottie visit your kitchen to cook, fill your fridge with a thoughtful curated menu of delicious meals, is like having your very own “fairy foodmother” who makes all your taste bud dreams come true.

The first time Lottie worked her magic in our kitchen, she created a menu after a brief conversation of what kinds of food we like and arrived on our scheduled day with a grocery haul of everything she needed for that week’s menu: Chimmichuri steak, Fluke with shallot white wine sauce, Chopped Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Greek Lemon Potatoes, Lemon & Green Pea Risotto, Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts, and Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Zest. Working from home was a treat as mouthwatering scents were wafting throughout the apartment. Not only did my picky 18-month old happily eat Lottie’s food well, our whole family enjoyed each meal for days!

A happy client

An aspiring actress, Lottie did not go to professional culinary school but she has always been drawn to cooking. While in high school, she took a Spring Break course at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver and was part of a winning team in an iron chef competition. She also shadowed a chef at a young age at the Jewish Community Center. When cooking, she wears her great-grandmother’s (also named Lottie) apron. It has two Hebrew letters stitched on, which phonetically spells out “Chef”. Whether it’s from her early training or years of cooking for friends and family or a talent she inherited, she is a natural and brings a food experience that has the love and care of a home cooked meal but the flavors of a pro.

Lottie wearing her great-grandmother Lottie’s apron

When I asked Lottie what inspired her to make the switch to this new career path, she said she had many jobs in the service industry but none gave her the satisfaction of seeing how her meal prep service impacted families in a positive way. So she launched Oh My Nosh to make delicious home cooked meals accessible to busy families.

Chimichurri Steak by Lottie Gurvis

Whether you are gluten free, vegetarian, meat lover, or kosher, Lottie tailors a menu to fit your needs. For one week, I went vegan and without fail, she delivered an array of dishes that even my meat loving family members approved of – roasted maple squash, zucchini soup, herbed rice, snow peas with lemon zest, vegan pesto, and sesame tofu in sauce.


Interested in a cooking session with Lottie? Reach out by emailing Lottie.Gurvis@gmail.com

Need more info? Check out some of her dishes on Instagram @ohmynoshhh or check out her website.

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