There’s a lot of star wattage coming to XX Venue (61 North 11 Street) this weekend: on Saturday, February 26, the venue will play host to the first-ever B2B, a panel, art exhibition, and performance presented by Wahter Studio and culminating Black History Month.

A rich opportunity for community engagement, B2B features an open bar, eclectic artists, and engaging dialogue for a performance-panel hosted by Tim Okamura. Below, Freddie Wahter of Wahter Studio shares more details on this weekend’s mega-event.

Greenpointers: Hi there! Set us up, what is B2B?

Freddie Wahter: B2B is an experiential event hosted by global art collective Wahter Studio, featuring BIPOC community members including artists, performers, musicians, politicians and activists. The event will feature live performances by Talia Goddess and Blaccmass alongside other notable guests.

Talia Goddess will be among the event’s singers.

Is this the first time this panel/exhibition has come together, or is it an annual event?


Yes, this is the first time the panel has come together.

What can visitors and spectators expect from this event?

Visitors can expect an unprecedented experiential event, featuring live painting by Marcus Andre and Cavier plus a video premiere of visual artist Jeron Braxtons‘ latest work.

The event combines many musicians, panelists, and other artists: how were they all assembled?

I carefully selected each creative — each member has a common interest in the fostering and preservation of safe spaces, and the development of a creative community.

Suzi Analogue will be one of the B2B panelists

What’s one thing you’re really looking forward to with B2B?

We’re really looking forward to having the community come together at The XXVenue for a special night.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We welcome members of all communities to come and enjoy B2B! Please rsvp at

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