Seventy-one years ago today, you could’ve been the proud renter of an elevator apartment with Manhattan views at the corner of Lorimer and Noble Streets

According to a classified ad in the February 18, 1951 issue of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, apartments boasting elevator access, a 10-minute commute to Manhattan, laundry, and television outlets could all be yours for less than the cost of a yoga class package today. For the price of roughly 10 avocado toasts (give or take), your family could rent a three-and-a-half-room unit for $90 a month, four rooms for $100 a month, and four and a half rooms plus two bathrooms for $150 a month.

Today, said location (which even back then boasted proximity to schools and shopping) is mere steps away from a steaming slice of Paulie Gee’s, sake specials at Sakura 6, authentic Polish borscht at Christina’s, a vegan manicure at Primp & Polish, and much more — though we can’t make any promises about the rent prices.

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