Simply Nova (754 Metropolitan Ave.) is a gourmet bagel shop and delicatessen that recently opened in Williamsburg. The style and offerings at Simply Nova evoke the authenticity of a New York classic deli of the past.

Co-owner Sean Brownlee said, “Our goal is to bring back the love of serving.” Brownlee and the two other owners of Simply Nova come with a combined 77 years of experience in different shops throughout New York.

One of the counters at Simply Nova. Photo: Santiphap Thengtrirat

Simply Nova carries what one would expect at a bagel shop, including a variety of specialty smoked fish and homemade cream cheeses to create their signature Classic New York Lox and Bagel Sandwiches. There are traditional bagel shop options like tuna salad, and of course, shoppers can opt for a classic cream cheese bagel.

Smoked fish varieties at Simply Nova. Photo: Santiphap Thengtrirat

But, Simply Nova offers much more than bagels. It functions as a small grocery store with sections dedicated to homemade foods and condiments like horseradish, apple sauce, pickles, cheese and rice pudding. The store has a section for breads like challah, banana walnut, and rugelach. Plus, they sell chocolates and other sweets. 

Bread and sweets at Simply Nova. Photo: Santiphap Thengtrirat

The Williamsburg neighborhood where Simply Nova landed seems to have needed such a store. Brownlee said, “Since we opened neighbors have responded very well. We are getting busier and busier every week, and everybody is happy with the food and the service.”


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