If you were at the Equinox on Bedford Ave over the weekend, your new workout and life partner may be waiting for you. According to a Craigslist Missed Connection posted on January 29, a locker-room connection has been running through someone’s mind ever since, no treadmill required.

For what one can assume is a hefty monthly membership fee, it’s perfectly plausible that many rave about the complimentary lotion, which makes this a bit harder to narrow down. However, the interaction that followed is bound to make anyone break a sweat. If you’re the trou-dropper in question, this is your chance to secure some gains in the romance department.

If this interaction has you feeling red in the face, no worries — Williamsburg and Greenpoint have no shortage of gyms to transfer to, including Crunch (825 Manhattan Ave), VITAL Climbing Gym (221 N 14th St.), Blink Fitness (287 Broadway), OutBox (171 Meeker Ave), Orangetheory Fitness (157 Kent Ave), and more.

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