CBS2 in New York reports that “[a]n area of Greenpoint was blocked off after stray voltage struck someone walking their dog on a grate.”

The incident occurred this Monday night, near Bell Slip and Clay Street. ConEdison confirmed the incident to the news source and reportedly stated that “its investigation revealed the stray voltage came from the private building’s street lamp.” NBC New York reports that it was not a grate that belonged to Con Edison, nor maintained by them.

The FDNY told NBC New York that the dog died as a result of the electrocution. The condition of the owner is unknown. CBS 2 says that two people were electrocuted.

Weather conditions can apparently lead to stray voltage. “It can often happen after a major snowstorm, as the salt used to melt the ice seeps underground, which erodes the cables,” says NBC New York, “That then frees an electric current, which can lead to dogs being shocked while walking over metal grates and manholes.”

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