42 Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel, will open soon in Williamsburg. The hotel houses 60-units and has emphasized a community-focused atmosphere, including a lounge. 

Based on social media photos, the space could be described as sleek and minimalist. The color scheme is mostly dark with pops of metallic colors. 

42 Hotel has partnered with Nelly’s Flower Shop, a women-owned local business to curate a unique collection of florals present in the hotel.

They also feature a cool light installation of Edison bulbs. 

The hotel also touts “spacious meeting and conference facilities, a modern fitness center, same-day dry cleaning and laundry, and 24-hour concierge services,” as some of the amenities they will offer.


It is not clear when 42 Hotel will open. 42 Hotel did not respond to Greenpointers request for comment, but in an Instagram comment made December 21, the account said they were hoping to open next month. As “next month” has already passed, we’ll keep you updated as to when to expect the grand opening!

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