Every Thursday at 7 PM, three Brooklyn comedians host a free comedy show at Nicky’s Unisex (90 South 4th Street) in Williamsburg. Stewart Fullerton, Ashley Hamilton, and Claire Parker share the stage, leading their show “Unisex Comedy” while offering hot takes, searing wit, and charged odes to Arkansas. (Sometimes, a DJ set and party follows.) Claire and Ashley are the hosts of the amazing Celebrity Memoir Book Club podcast (as their tagline puts it, they “read celebrity memoirs so you don’t have to”), and below, Stewart talks about the genesis of this free comedy series and how — sorry, kids — “it’s not Netflix.”

Photo from Unisex Comedy from Stewart Fullerton

How did you three comedians meet?

We met doing comedy in NYC!  

Why Nickys Unisex as a venue? How did that partnership come to be?

We love love love Nickys Unisex! Claire had her birthday there and after that we pretty much stalked Nicky every week and begged her to let us run a comedy show there. They had been doing live music and DJs there for a while so we thought comedy would be a great fit. Nickys is the perfect neighborhood bar with no pretentious vibes and great cocktails. We also adore Nicky (one of the owners) as well as the neon pink sign – who doesn’t love neon pink? 


How would you describe each of your comedic approaches, or perhaps what people can expect in your sets?

Claire has a lot of thoughts on things and is full of hot takes. Stewart has a raspy voice, drinks too much, and talks about Arkansas too much. Ashley is smart and witty but about the dumbest things. You can expect to LOL at us all. 

Do all of you perform on a Thursday night or do you rotate?

One of us usually hosts and the other two do sets! 

What have been some highlights of this series, and/or what are you looking forward to in the new year?

Our amazing audiences are a huge highlight. I swear the hottest people come to our show — single people take note. In the new year, we are looking forward to continuing with our great lineups and stacking them with great comics.

The three hosts of Unisex Comedy, photo from Stewart Fullerton

Do you have a set that you loved but that absolutely flopped — and was it the audience’s fault? (Likely, yeah?)

I try not to blame the audience too much but sometimes it is their fault! It’s so important to laugh… this isn’t Netflix. 

Anything else to add?

Come to Nickys Unisex 7 PM on Thursdays! 

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