Yoseka Stationery (63 West Street) reopens today, January 19th, after taking a break for the winter holidays.

At Yoseka, owned by husband and wife duo Neil and Daisy, you can find an expertly curated collection of everything you need to be able to physically write – fountain pens, stamps, stickers, notebooks, and planners galore.

“I believe that for me, and all of my friends growing up in Taiwan, our stationery was an extension of ourselves and who we were as students, creators and thinkers,” Neil writes on the store’s website. “I continue to take my stationery very seriously and will always have respect for the power of simple tools and a notebook to organize my thoughts throughout the day.”

Yoseka started as a monthly subscription service called Yoseka Box. The brand quickly grew with pop-up events, finally leading to a physical location in Sunnyside, Queens in 2018. In 2020, with so much physical inventory, Neil and Daisy made the choice to find a larger space, this time in Greenpoint.

After a busy holiday season, Yoseka took some time off to settle into a new storage space and take a breather as the omicron variant raged throughout North Brooklyn.


The store also has an active YouTube presence, featuring videos of product reviews, special guests, and staff picks. If that’s not enough, you can check out the blog on their website for more about all things stationery.

Yoseka Stationery is open Wednesday through Sunday 1-7pm

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