For the past few months, I was always confused while passing 99 Franklin at night, peering into the cafe and seeing a backdoor slightly ajar and filled with light. I’m now happy to confirm that the backdoor leads to a well-decorated speakeasy.

Of course, you probably already knew that. I might just be the last person in the neighborhood in on the secret of the not-so-secret speakeasy. With thousands of Instagram followers, 99 Franklin seems to be doing just fine without me.

The bar at 99 Franklin

If a speakeasy conjures up images of passwords and convoluted ways to enter, fear not, because getting in requires little more than walking with your own two feet. Reservations are recommended for the weekend, though, when it gets a little busier.

The coffee shop part of 99 Franklin opened up in April 2021, with the bar later in October.

99 Franklin has twists on classic cocktails, like a spicy Paloma or a black Manhattan. They also have plenty of original concoctions. I tried the Free Smoke, which was a combination of smoked scotch, amaro, ginger, and lemon. I also tried their espresso martini, which younger millennials will be happy to see on the menu.


While the bar would be worth a visit for the drinks alone, 99 Franklin definitely does not skimp on bar food. You can get smaller bites like truffle fries and s’mores (s’mores!!!) They also serve mains such as fish & chips and gnocchi alla vodka.

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