Today, Tuesday, December 21st, the Secret Lantern Society NYC is hosting a Second Annual Lantern Festival and Spiral of Light at 4:30pm at Domino Park. 

Photo courtesy of Secret Lantern Society

Ever wanted to experience the raising of lanterns into the night sky? Now is your chance! The Secret Lantern Society has been hosting tutorials for months to teach our friends in the community how to make their own beeswax-lit lanterns and will be sending them into the sky this evening overtop a giant labyrinth of light. In a celebration of the return to lighter days, this winter solstice event will also feature musical stylings from singer and musician, Kevin Nathaniel

In conversation with Founding Artistic Director of the Secret Lantern Society NYC, Debra Sheldon, and Director of Domino Park, Mike Lampariello:

1. What was the inspiration for founding the Secret Lantern Society NYC in 2020?

The Secret Lantern Society was founded in 2020 as a way to celebrate our shared humanity and express gratitude for the gifts we share and receive. Last year’s labyrinth of light was set up as a meditative space to invite pause, reconnect with our inner light, and make some courageous wishes for the longer days ahead. 

-Debra Sheldon, Founding Artistic Director of the Secret Lantern Society NYC

2. What can the public expect from this year’s event?

This year’s celebration embraces the city’s shared light and promise of better days ahead. The fire element, a traditional feature of solstice gatherings worldwide, reflects our inner brightness shining in the darkest night and the promise of the sun’s return. With lanterns in hand, we acknowledge the darkness while lighting the way. This year’s beeswax-lit lanterns are pyramid shaped —  a reference to both ancient wisdom and mystery and the sails that carry us. We nod to the hopefulness that can be found during this season, as we slow down and rest in the great beauty of nature’s wisdom. 

-Debra Sheldon, Founding Artistic Director of the Secret Lantern Society NYC

3. What sort of COVID safety protocol might you be putting in place?

The same best practices as the rest of Domino Park are still in place — it’s outdoors, and we encourage masks (we will have extras on-site) and social distancing.

-Mike Lampariello, Director of Domino Park

The Secret Lantern Society was founded in Vancouver, BC by Artistic Director, Naomi Singer. To keep up with future events, click here to visit The Secret Lantern Society website.

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