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Located at 252 Green Street, the Mothership is a sanctuary for artists. For those who have never visited the Mothership, no, it is not a ship! Rather, it’s a large vessel run primarily by women with the mission of beginning new voyages for fellow, passionate, artistic-type folks. 

Mothership NYC is a combined live-work space and presentation arena for international artists across multiple disciplines in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Run by a painter captain aided by a rotating crew of fellow artists, our ship’s mission is to serve as a welcoming landing platform for colleagues from elsewhere making the leap to NYC: We aim to support and promote our peers at all career levels through residencies, public programming & collaborative opportunities; build lasting transnational artist networks; and help retain creative forces in New York City.”

Mothership NYC

Founded in 2005 by the Norwegian visual artist, Sol Kjøk, Mothership became a hub for international artistic exploration, inspiration, and of communal creativity. To learn more about Kjøk and her work, click here

As a part of the artistic developmental process, the Mothership hosts artists in residency. These are the two types:

1) Live-Work Space (aka Screw Room), available to rotating Artists-in-Residence (known onboard as our Sea Artists) for periods between 1 to 3 months.

2) Guestroom (aka Cabin), available to visiting creatives for periods between 1 to 4 weeks.  

Mothership NYC

To learn more, click here.


The Mothership hosts monthly salons along with other events, though its upcoming Solstice Celebration with Sparrowhawk was cancelled due to Covid concerns.

Photo courtesy of Mothership NYC Instagram

Winter Solstice

These sure feel like some dark days. The early sunsets don’t help with the feeling of doom and gloom, and the seasonal depression that many people tend to experience this time of year can be equally as debilitating. But Tuesday, December 21st will be the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, and a turning point for brighter days to come. Mothership is looking forward to dancing with everyone as soon as it’s safe.

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