As an ode to the Dolly Parton era of Grand Ole Opry, Zenon TeaVee started the cabaret and variety show, Queer Ole Opry in 2019 to provide a safe space for people to celebrate their queerness both on stage and off. 

Photo courtesy of Zenon TeaVee

TeaVee noticed that shows are often separated by genre – for example, you might go to a comedy show, or an improv show, or a drag show – but why not bring all of that together? In Queer Ole Opry, the lineup of entertainment is reflective of the unique personalities, passions, and styles of storytelling. With 8-10 acts each night, it’s truly a one-stop shop for a grand jamboree. 

To TeaVee, the need for a show like this also stemmed from a desire to continue promoting positivity around queerness. TeaVee acknowledged that there is still a lot of judgment in and around the gay community and that queerness is often associated with racy, or salacious activities, which can, in turn, monopolize queer-related entertainment. In an effort to dispel those associations, TeaVee created a space that promotes positivity aside from a sex focus. At Queer Ole Opry, the purpose is to make everyone feel seen, heard, and celebrated. As TeaVee so eloquently put it, “a true drag queen or entertainer is one who reaches down, lifts people up, fixes their crowns, and gives them a platform.”

The Brick Theater

This rendition of Queer Ole Opry will be taking place at The Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Ave. Known for producing new works, The Brick felt like the perfect home for this show. 

“Whenever I think of places that are open and thriving, I think of The Brick being the center of Brooklyn in a lot of different ways… so many people expect nightlife to be something you can experience in bars or late-late, but why not see burlesque or drag in a stage setting?”

Zenon TeaVee

The first production of Queer Ole Opry was performed at The Stonewall Inn shortly before the pandemic hit. Like many assumed, TeaVee also was under the impression that the shutdown would only last two weeks. With the second show canceled, TeaVee started hosting events online. Now that she feels equipped to host Queer Ole Opry safely in person, TeaVee is ecstatic to open once again. She has big dreams for Queer Ole Opry, and hopes that one day she will be able to bring it to all five boroughs, and beyond.


Queer Ole Opry will be running October 20th, 21st, and 22nd at 8pm each night. To purchase tickets, click here

Until then, you can also check out Zenon TeaVee in her one-woman show, Zenon with a Z, at The Brick Theater on October 13th and 14th!

“Join Zenon TeaVee as she processes what it takes to become the person she’s always wanted to be, In AND out of drag. Through a multidisciplinary review of storytelling, monologue, lip-sync and more! Zenon discovers how queerness has impacted her relationship with her body.”

Zenon TeaVee

You can find tickets to that show by clicking here.

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