Mo’s General (620 Lorimer St.) is a charming new restaurant and grocery combination in Williamsburg that brands itself as a one-stop shop for pizza and provisions. It’s the perfect place for both a light breakfast or a pizza-fueled afternoon snack, especially if you need to pick up a few groceries for later. 

Groceries line one wall with bar seats along one window at Mo’s.

Mo’s menu consists of pizza by slice, pastries, and coffee beverages. Pizza options include classics like cheese and pepperoni, plus a simple tomato option, a sauceless white slice, and a barbecue flavor. They focus only on square slices and not pies. 

From the pastry case, the blueberry banana bread is a highlight. Other delicious options include a polenta cake and a rosemary ham and cheese roll. The coffee menu includes the usual suspects like cappuccino, cortado, cold brew, latte, and tea. 

The pastry case and part of the refrigerated section at Mo’s.

The aforementioned provisions are a carefully curated selection of foods like tomato sauce, olive oil, jam, and other condiments. They have fresh loaves of bread and a small selection of yogurt and cheese. Other stocked items include cookies, crackers, and chips. Rounding out the shelves are things like branded bags and hats. 

The pretty indoor dining setup at Mo’s with a view of the inviting outdoor area in the window.

Five leather seats and an inviting counter line one window in addition to a beautiful marble table that seats six by another window. One of the best place to enjoy Mo’s delights is the well-designed outdoor seating area with marble tables, pretty plants and string lights. There is also a takeout window to easily pick up coffee, pastries, and pizza to go. 


Mo’s General is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. Online ordering is coming soon.

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