What was once a beloved barbershop is now a full-service vegan coffeeshop, eatery and grocer.

Greenpot (86 Greenpoint Ave.) opened in early September, aiming to provide the local community with plant-based goods of all types. Owned by two local sisters, Magda and Amia (who prefer not to disclose their last names), Greenpot aims to share their vegan ethos widely, and prove that “we don’t need to kill animals for delicious food,” Amia said.

The sisters have been vegan for twenty years, after moving from rural Poland to Greenpoint, where they learned about the horrors of factory farming in America.

Since moving to Greenpoint in 2005, when Starbucks emerged as the only coffeeshop, the sisters recall, they’ve seen North Brooklyn’s coffee shop culture boom. After working in cafes and as baristas for the past several years, the duo was ready to start their own coffee shop, promoting their values and favorite products.

Greenpot sells Brooklyn Roasting coffee and espresso, with oat milk as their default creamer. Pastries from Sensible Edibles, baked goods from Sullivan Street Bakery and more fresh items from local makers fill the glass classes in front. Homemade vegan prepared foods, like egg-free egg salad, are in the fridge case, and a freezer stocks some of the sisters’ favorite ready-to-eat frozen imitation meats and meals.


Focused on stocking small makers and women-made products, Greenpot will see what’s most popular with the community as they continue to stock the shop. So far, plant-based pizzas and muffins are top sellers.

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