Yes, Good Move was running a lot of virtual events this past year and a half through Good Move TV, but with a new studio up and running, they are back IRL. With a stunning new space at 325 Kent Ave, Good Move is living its primetime, waterfront dream.

Dance For All and All For Dance

At the core of Good Move is its commitment to making dance accessible to all people. Many dance studios in NYC have a reputation for being unwelcoming, intimidating, and exclusive. On the contrary, at Good Move, the instructors insist on cultivating a safe space where everyone feels liberated to move with confidence.  

With a brand new 2,023 square foot studio on the waterfront, Good Move has found a home that they are ready to share with everyone who walks through the door. They work hard to make sure you feel welcomed, uplifted, and part of the Good Move family.

Good Move was founded by the professional dancer, and health & wellness coach, Jules Bakshi. With a desire to provide a space where every body feels invited to let loose and free to enjoy themselves, Bakshi established Good Move. She and her fellow instructors continue to promote empowerment through mindful movement. 

Friday Nights

With a brand new space at the ready, Good Move is also offering “pay what you can” classes on Friday nights. You can find the Friday night class online listed as “Community Class: Adult Beginner Dance (Hot Bitch).” 


What is “hot bitch,” you might ask? Well for starters, the full name is “Dance like the hot bitch you always knew you were.” Pre-Good Move Bakshi was teaching this class as a one-off opportunity for friends and community members who were just looking for a supportive, fun, casual adult dance class. It turned into a once-a-month class, and before long, it served as the inspiration for the foundation of Good Move.

“Thought your body was a temple? Nope. It’s a dancehall. If you want salvation, you’re gonna have to drop that booty. ADULT BEGINNER DANCE: LIKE THE HOT BITCH YOU ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE is designed to help you let loose and get free! Class starts with a soothing and grounding mind/body meditation and gently transitions into learning contemporary dance steps and a little bit of choreography.  A no-judgment space where we learn how to dance like nobody’s watching. A great starter class if you’re just getting into dance. Beginners encouraged, all levels welcome. This ish is fun for everyone.”

via Good Move website

Sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night!

Additional Classes 

In addition to the adult beginner dance class, Good Move offers several other classes that you can try:

  • The Good Move
  • Adult Beginner Dance class
  • Ballet Class + Ass
  • Ballet for Every Body
  • Core + Restore
  • Modern
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Sound / Meditation

If you are not in the area at the moment but you still want to take advantage of these classes, Good Move TV is still an accessible fitness option for those on the go or those who prefer working out at home.

Good Move Retreats

With the ability to travel more safely, Good Move has also been hosting some pretty cool seasonal retreats. This fall, Bakshi and GM instructor Joy Norton will be leading a group of individuals to Puerto Rico in the name of restoration, mindfulness, movement, and friendship. 

To keep an eye out for future retreats, follow the Good Move Instagram account, @goodmoveny. 

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