Open studios are a common fixture of local galleries, but for larger companies they get to be a rarer treat. When the opportunity arises, it’s important to pounce. So, this Saturday, be sure to take advantage of the open studio at Andy Blank, the art and design company whose fun, offbeat, and vibrant pieces fulfill their mission to make “high quality artworks accessible [to] everyone.” Swing by the open studio at 273 Calyer Street this Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. Visitors will be able to view and purchase art in person, see pieces Andy Blank is currently working on, and meet some of the team. Masks and proof of vaccination will be required. In this Q&A, get to know Andy Blank’s founder (and Greenpoint neighbor) Lewis Cook!

Greenpointers: We’re very excited about this open studio on Aug 28. Have you had any such events thus far or is this the first major one since COVID? 
Lewis Cook: This is our first open studio since COVID. We hosted an open studio back in late 2019, which was a lot of fun. Usually, we’re a private studio where we manufacture and develop all of our designs behind closed doors. However, we’re super excited to invite everyone in to take a look on Saturday.

Has the art that’s been created during COVID shifted? Or rather, has this unique period in any way influenced what kind of art people want? 
With so many people at home over the past 18 months and many continuing to WFH in the future, the demand to fill your walls has definitely increased. Although, we haven’t designed any of our pieces differently as our inspirations have remained the same. The team has continued to grow to keep up with demand.

Are there any pieces you are particularly excited to share that folks will see on Saturday? 
Saturday will be a great chance to see our artworks in the flesh, and I’m sure many visitors are coming to see a specific piece or design they’ve had their eyes on for awhile. There are a few prints that are incredibly popular, and have since sold out, that will be available only in person on Saturday.

I saw the “glossy babies” on Instagram. They’re so fun! What was the process of creating those? 
They each take around three days to make. We use a combination of Acrylic and latex paints and then finish them with epoxy resin. They are just as fun to make as they look.

How long have you been at your Greenpoint location, and what do you most enjoy about it? 
We’ve been in this location since early 2019 but I’ve lived in Greenpoint for the past six years. We’re so spoiled to share the block with so many artists and designers at varying levels in their career. My wife and I have seen a uniquely creative flare adopted in Greenpoint and I’m so excited to see what the neighborhood will grown into.

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