After much speculation, anticipation and controversy over whether chain restaurants belong in Historic Greenpoint’s main stretch, another national chain has opened on Manhattan Ave.

As of late August, Popeyes is the most recent national fast food eatery to lay claim to prime restaurant space off the Greenpoint Ave. G train stop, joining McDonald’s, Starbucks and Dunkin’.

The Greenpoint Popeyes is decorated to mesh with the neighborhood, with a prominent pink neon sign in the dining room reading “love that chicken” you know, like the commercials. Prior to being a Popeyes, 918 Manhattan Ave. housed an AT&T store.

Greenpoint is still home to several excellent local fried fried chicken restaurants.

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  1. Check the calories and nutritional value re their products. They are off the wall. One of their smallest tiny two piece chicken and biscuit has app. 1,300 in calories let alone the salt and fat content. It is enough to feed a large dog and almost your total recommended calorie intake for the day!

    I am sure it is delicious but I will pass for healthier chicken.

  2. That was actually the former location of a Polish deli/market. The At&t store was next door and still sits empty.

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